The mission of the Foundation is to promulgate and advance the work of its original founder Spencer Heath  (1876 – 1963), one of the most influential yet little-known social innovators of the twentieth century. Specifically, the Foundation seeks to further the science of social interaction as envisioned by Heath, to disseminate this science through publications and electronic media, to apply the science to the design of an optimal structure of society, and finally to implement that design by establishing contractual communities that are able to thrive in peace and security without a traditional form of government.


The Foundation advocates total freedom of the individual based on the sanctity of private property.  In other words, every human being has a natural right to own his own body and to own, use, exchange and give away his labor and the fruits of his labor (both tangible and intangible) without being coerced by anyone as long as he doesn’t coerce others.

Heath’s grandson Spencer MacCallum stated the one rule governing moral behavior clearly and beautifully:

“Coercion is justified only for defense of life and property, but only when all non-coercive avenues have been ruled out and then only to the least possible extent.”

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